Welcome back to Riverwood!  This is going to be an exciting year for all of us.  We have some changes in the library this year.

Mrs. Brenda Cartlidge has joined the Riverwood faculty as our second librarian!  Please welcome her to the Riverwood Family!

Mrs. Cartlidge will be teaching the Kindergarten – 2nd grade classes and I will continue teaching the 3rd – 5th grade classes.  Students will still be able to come to the library whenever they need a book, for research, or whatever their need may be and there will always be one of us available to help.

Regarding check-out of books:  Student names should be in our computer system by the 20th day of school (September 4).  Until the student names are in our system, we are unable to check-out any library books to students.  We are hoping that the names will be uploaded sooner, so we will let the students know as soon as they are able to begin borrowing books.


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