This has been a very busy quarter for us in the Library.  Here’s a recap of the happenings:

Limeades for Learning

Thank you to all of our parents, students, teachers, and family members who voted during September and October for all of the Riverwood Library projects.  Three projects were funded:

  • new reading area furniture and pillows
  • a new scanner
  • new toner for our color laser printer

None of this would have been possible without everyone,  so the credit goes to all of you!

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success!  We had sales of $11,841.55 which earned us $6512.91 in new books for our classrooms.  Thanks to everyone who supported our book fair!

Hour of Code

I have been working with all 2nd – 5th grade classes to complete the Hour of Code.  The Hour of Code is a one hour (in our case 50 minute) introduction to Computer Science and how computers follow the directions we give to them.  It teaches students how to plan and solve a problem logically, and they are having a great time while doing so.  We are using the tutorials found at  Students may create an account at, but I have left that up to parents.  These are great activities that encourage problem-solving, logical thinking, and geared toward a wide variety of interests.  I encourage students to continue with the activities.  The links to all of our assignments will remain on Edmodo for access to the links.

Edmodo is an “educational” networking site modeled after social networks like Facebook.  There are some fundamental differences — no “friending”, messages can only be sent to the class or teacher (not to individual students), posts are filtered by the system as well as monitored by the teacher, and there is a wide variety of uses for this platform because of the apps we can use.  Most of the assignments I give in the Library will be using Edmodo.  This is where we completed our Hour of Code assignments.

I have given very specific instructions on how to use Edmodo.  Students may only post questions about their assignments to the class so that other students have a chance to assist those who need it.  I will also answer any questions that are posted to the class.  All posts must be grammatically correct — proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.  Edmodo uses spell-check,  so very few spelling errors should be seen.  The consequences for misusing Edmodo range from losing the ability to post to being removed from the platform altogether.

Over the Winter Break, I am giving some bonus activities for the students using Edmodo.  I encourage you to take a look at what they are doing.  I firmly believe using this platform will help students in many different areas.  Students can also go to our e-book website FollettShelf to check-out and read e-books that we own.  I ordered over 200 new e-books including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  Students log in to FollettShelf by using their Renaissance Place (AR) user name and password.

I’m looking forward to the next quarter.  We will be working on research — sources, citations, note-taking, and using the Big6 for research projects.


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