Welcome back to the library for a brand new school year!   Students have been coming to the library daily for class, getting reoriented to library procedures and rules, hearing stories, and demonstrating what they know about using the library.  We’ve gotten a great start!

I’ve been furiously working on all the students’ library folders and hopefully they will all be done soon.  The big question all the students have is, “When can I check out a book?”  I wish I could give a definitive answer, but all I can say is, “Soon.”  Apparently, there’s been some difficulties getting Powerschool and Atriuum (the library circulation system) to communicate, hence, delaying the importation of student records.  As soon as students are loaded into the system, check-out of books will begin.


In the meantime, I have been teaching the students about this blog and how to access the e-books.  They can read those at any time, from any place with an internet connection.  Almost every e-book we have is an Accelerated Reader book, so they can start to work towards their goals.


In addition, the furniture in our silent reading area of the library is getting quite decrepit.  To renovate the area, I’ve posted a project on DonorsChoose.com in order to raise the funds to replace the chairs and add more pillows so that students have a fun area in which to read.  The students absolutely love to read in the silent reading area, so keeping it comfortable and appealing is important to me.


If you know of someone who would like to donate, or would like to make a small donation, I know the kids would truly appreciate it.  I definitely do!  Feel free to share the link below with anyone you know!


My project:  Comfy Spaces in the Library



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  1. Ever sence the very first day of school I have grown even more everyday and thanks to Mrs Jackson she has had me growing and now I am om a 4.4 just because of ofher THANK YOU MRS Kackson

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