It’s time for the Library to wind down for the year.  TCAP is next week and the SAT10 is the week of May 5th, so that means today, April 25th is the last day for checking-out books.    All books need to be returned by Friday, May 2nd.   The library will be closed after May 9th.

I know a lot of people wonder why we have to set such dates and why they seem so early.  I want to give some insight as to what librarians must do to close out the year.   The main thing we must do each year is book inventory.  It’s not simply counting how many books we have now compared to how many we had last year.  There are several steps and it takes a very long time in a library as large as we have at Riverwood.

The first step to inventory is putting every book in shelf list order.  What that means is that all the fiction needs to be put in order by author’s last name, and in the case of multiple books by the same author, by title.  Once that is complete, then it’s time for the nonfiction books, which must be put in order by Dewey Decimal number.  We have almost  18,000 items in the library, so this is the longest part.

Once everything is in order (the only time it’s ever in perfect order), each and every bar code must be scanned.  When that is complete, I can then see what is missing and then it’s time to search for books individually.  Searching for items I’ve missed is the reason for putting everything in order.  If not for that, searching for something individually would be impossible.

While this is a simplified explanation of inventory procedures, I wanted to provide a bit of an insight in to the why and how.



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  1. Thanks for all you do to keep our library such a great resource for us!

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