This is one of those topics that I have to revisit periodically.  Since I’m having to address this on an individual basis more often these days, now is a good time.  Please take a moment and revisit this with your students so that it’s being reinforced from all sides.  


On any given day, it’s possible for me to see more than 300 students and circulate over 600 books.  This includes students who are having their Library class time and those who are visiting to check-out new books.  In order to make things run smoothly and allow me to keep the library open  for everyone while I have classes, it’s very important that students follow these procedures.  These are non-negotiable.


  • Students are expected to enter the library quietly and take care of their business.
  • Students must have their library folder and no late books in order to check out.
  • Students are to return their books by placing them on the return cart just inside the door of the library before choosing a new book.
  • If a student has not finished a book, they may check it out again.
  • When at the shelves, students must use a shelf marker.  This helps me keep the books in order and neat.
  • If a student doesn’t know where a book belongs (i.e. shelf marker falls off the shelf), the book must be placed on the return cart.
  • Students must browse the shelves quietly.
  • Students may use the OPAC or computers without asking, but must use them properly.
  • As soon as a student chooses their books, they must check-out.  If I notice a visiting student has been in the library for more than 15 minutes, I will give them a 2 minute warning and then send them back to class.


Some general information that everyone should know about the daily Library schedule:


  • The library is open for check-out beginning at 8:15 each morning.  Check-out ends at 2:45 each afternoon.  This means students must be heading back to their rooms by this time.
  • Please send no more than two students at a time per class.
  • The only time during the day that students may not visit the library (unless it is their class time) is 11am-12 noon.  This allows me to wrap up my last morning class, have lunch, and begin my first afternoon class without interruption.
  • When checking-out books, I require students to check-out at least one book on their Accelerated Reader level each time they come to the library.  The number of books a student may check-out at one time depends on their grade level.
Grade Number of Books
Kindergarten 1
1st 1 or 2
2nd-4th 2
5th 3


I enjoy keeping the library open for all the students so they may visit when they need to choose new books.  In following these procedures, students  can ensure the continuation of this policy because it makes it manageable for us all.


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